Drugs Case Vs Casting Couch: Which Is Serious?

By - April 26, 2018 - 09:30 AM IST

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For many years the Tollywood circuit has been going through a smooth ride and it was focusing on moviemaking, offering entertainment to the audience. However, in the recent past, the smooth ride has turned into a bumpy ride and the reason for that is the back to back controversies which have been plaguing the industry for a while.

In that, the two major issues which rattled Tollywood was the drugs case and the recent casting couch controversy. Discussions are now happening on which of the two is more serious. As such, there has been no police case related to the casting couch issue and it is only the TV news channels which created a major havoc using this issue.

However, things have been different in the drugs episode. Quite a few members who have strong links with the Tollywood circuit were arrested and even some of the well-known celebrities had to come to Nampally Court for interrogation. The matter went all the way up to SIT before few big heads involved and silenced it. That way, the drugs matter is quite serious.

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