Sri Reddy Announces War On Babu Gogineni

By - April 30, 2018 - 04:23 PM IST

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After creating a major havoc and ruckus about casting couch and degrading Tollywood in front of the nation thanks to the support of the enthusiastic media, Sri Reddy has been off the radar since the past few days but now she has been depending on social media to create her share of sensation and controversy.

The latest from her happens to be a video wherein she has spoken at length about many things and one of the topics was the noted humanist speaker Babu Gogineni. From someone whose sole mission was to prove that God doesn’t exist and Theism is the only thing, Babu Gogineni got into the Sri Reddy issue and shared his opinion.

Now, Sri Reddy has taken note of that and she has announced in her video that she is going to proceed legally with him. Not stopping at that, she mentioned how Babu gives projection like he knows everything in the world but he hardly knows anything. Now that she has announced war on Babu Gogineni let us see what this ‘intellectual’ will do.

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