Hopes And Despairs On Mahanati

By - May 02, 2018 - 03:21 PM IST

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It was a memorable and nostalgic evening yesterday at the 7 Acres, Annapurna Studios, as the audio release event took place of the movie ‘Mahanati’. With this, the clock has started ticking for the movie to hit the screens and as expected, the analysts are now coming up with their share of plusses and minuses.

On the bright side, they say after a long time, a nice emotional movie and that too about the legendary actress Savitri is coming so all genres of the audience will come. The sets are grand and the vintage look is extremely realistic. The film has been made with a whopping 27 crores budget so it is going to be a visual experience.

The film can work due to the holiday season. On the flip side, nobody in this generation knows Savitri properly and not enough publicity has been done yet to educate about who Savitri is. Given that, will it appeal to today’s audience? From our end, we sincerely want this film to work but it all boils down to content. For now, Iqlik Movies wishes ‘Mahanati’ the best of success.

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