Superb Choice For 'Mahanati'

By - May 09, 2018 - 11:40 AM IST

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In less than 24 hours, one of the most highly anticipated movie of the season is going to take the litmus test at the box office. We are talking about the movie ‘Mahanati’, mahaand the makers made the whole pre release season interesting by introducing the characters one by one.

The latest and best in that list happens to be Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad. Well, Rajendra Prasad is essaying the role of K V Chowdary, who happens to be the uncle (Pedda Nanna) of Savitri. Incidentally, it was him who ignited the fire in Savitri to take up acting as he saw a star in her. Many say he was the backbone to Savitri in her journey.

Given the importance of this role, director Nag Ashwin has roped in Rajendra Prasad and those who heard this are quite happy with it. They state that nobody can justify this role as effectively as Rajendra Prasad. As such, the ‘Mahanati’ team has scored jackpot with some perfect casting choice. Good luck to the team!

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