Why has RGV become so silly?

By - May 08, 2018 - 05:07 PM IST

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It wouldn't become an offense to say that Ram Gopal Varma has become a random cyber bully. His latest tweets and provocative stuff are the proofs. Ram Gopal Varma who came up with a video being guilty of his hand behind Sri Reddy's verbal abuse seems like a cheapjack.

If you observe well, Ram Gopal Varma plans something in such a way that his products are sold even without much content. Ram Gopal Varma chose nudity for his God, Sex, and Truth. That however launched him into a murky issue. Then, came the emotional drama around Sridevi's death to launch his upcoming movie Officer's poster.

RGV's Officer Teaser, however, did not create any impact and hence he intentionally poked Pawan Kalyan's fans with the help of Sri Reddy. Not only that he lost his credibility, he also lost respect with that deed.

Now, RGV came up with another teaser of Officer, which of course, did not impress a wider section of the viewers. So, Ram Gopal Varma chose to promote this stuff by provocating Pawan Kalyan fans who already started to ignore him long ago.

"If @PawanKalyan has only 11 thousand followers in a population of nearly 11 crores, #JanasenaParty should take serious steps for their party not to become a bigger disaster then #Prajarajyam ..I and @iamnagarjuna ‘s #Officer demand this as P k fans", the desperate director tweeted.

When the teaser doesn't impress, the viewer will obviously dislike it, Mr. Varma. How do you know that it is Pawan Kalyan's fans who disliked the video?

Well, the talk is that the dislikes are from Nagarjuna's fans who did not like the teaser. What say, folks?


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