Silent Killer After "Avatar"

By - May 09, 2018 - 02:54 PM IST

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To those who are not aware, we use the word silent killer to those movies which come with normal expectations and end up reaping a harvest at the box office. When the Hollywood flick ‘Avengers-Infinity War’ was arriving, the excitement was there because it was a superhero multi-starrer. But the film has surpassed all expectations.

It got released in India in many regional languages and every language is getting an overwhelming response. As per latest reports, the film has touched a whopping 250 crores in just one week and that too in India alone. This goes to show the market stamina for good movies. So far, one Hollywood movie holds a crazy record.

We are talking about the movie ‘Avatar’ which played for hundred days at Prasads Imax at regular shows. Though ‘Avengers-Infinity War’ will not reach that much success like ‘Avatar’ it will certainly reach the half of it. This kind of response is surprising even the Hollywood folks who actually made the movie. That’s the story folks!

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