3 Big Blunders In "Mahanati"

By - May 10, 2018 - 02:15 PM IST

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It is a natural thing to see cinematic liberties being taken in movies but when it comes to a biopic, that privilege is not available because the story is based on facts and real life incidents. True to that, few sharp minds are now saying that the latest release ‘Mahanati’ has got three big blunders which shouldn’t have been overlooked.

Firstly, a scene is shown with 1979 backdrop and ‘Gorintaku’ movie sets wherein SV Ranga Rao has food with Savitri, but truth is, he died in that year so that is not true. Second, in the opening scene, Gemini Ganesan comes and gives a byte to the media. At that time, his age should be 61 but he looks very young.

Thirdly, Chaganti Vamsi comes as a character and says that he has done the role of Zamindar’s son in the film ‘Devadasu’. Vamsi looked like 25-30 years but he must be at least 55 plus because during ‘Devadasu’ time itself he should be about 30 years as he did the role of the elder son. That was not maintained. Overall, 35 years of Savitri’s lifespan was shown and as an artist 25 years lifespan was shown but Gemini Ganesan’s look doesn’t change.


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