Bad Name For NTR & ANR With "Mahanati"

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The impact of the latest release ‘Mahanati’ is so strong that people are having sleepless nights and they are quite disturbed as to how can someone do like this with Savitri during her last stages of life. It got clearly established through the movie that nobody cared for Savitri during her last days and her unfortunate demise has struck hearts.

Now, this hurt feeling and anger has found an outlet in the form of the two main pillars of the Telugu Film Industry. They are the great N T Ram Rao and the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao. During that time, both NTR and ANR were top stars and Chakrapani has a dialogue in the movie wherein he says ‘everybody waits for NTR-ANR-SVR’s dates but the trio waits for Savitri’s dates.’

Given that kind of demand, it is becoming indigestible for the audience to see her end like this. The only question coming from there is ‘Why didn’t they come to rescue the Mahanati when they have worked with her for so many movies and scored many blockbusters.” The question looks fair so let us wish somebody answers.  

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