NRIs In Tension With A Lady

By - May 13, 2018 - 02:33 PM IST

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There are many among us who would love to hobnob with a beautiful actress or heroine. It is heard that in the US, the Telugu NRIs have taken it a step further wherein they shell out many dollars to spend time with the beauties. Taking this as the advantage, it is heard that few actresses charge on per hour basis.

However, such momentary pleasures always bear the risk of boomeranging and here is an example. Recently, one lady became very controversial and the entire electronic media had nothing else except her to show for many days. This lady spoke about how she got exploited sexually for certain opportunities.

Even some names came out due to her sting operations and now there are reports that even few NRIs are also there in her guest list. As a result, these NRIs are now on their toes because they fear if she would reveal their names. As such, they are not film people, they are people with families and have no link to cinema industry so this is going to get sticky if that lady blurts something out.

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