Baap Of Biopics Coming Up

By - May 14, 2018 - 06:46 PM IST

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We have been talking so much about biopics and many industries are currently latching onto this trend. Now, one biopic is preparing to arrive and the entertainment seekers are calling it the Baap of biopics. The reason being, this happens to be the life story of the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone.

And there is a bumper offer coming with it, this biopic is not going to be on celluloid but in the web world. Yes, the biopic is going to come in the form of web series. It is titled as ‘Karenjit Kaur’ and this happens to be the real name of Sunny Leone. Buzz is that this web series is not going to be free as the web channel Zee 5 is going to charge a fee.

The teaser of the biopic has come out and it has already struck a chord with the netizens. Many have known Sunny Leone as an adult star but what was the journey of this person from a regular girl to this world is something the web series is going to cover. Given the fact that there are no censor obstructions, this is going to be a bold treat.

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