Tanikella Bharani's Poem About Savitri

By - May 14, 2018 - 06:49 PM IST

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The much touted biopic of the legendary actress ‘Mahanati’ is creating waves at the box office and also in the hearts of many cinema lovers. They are calling it an emotional journey and right from intellectuals to common people to celebrities are giving their share of tributes to the iconic starlet. One among them happens to be Tanikella Bharani.

While the tributes are flowing now, Tanikella Bharani gave an ode to her way back in 2000 when he came up with the book ‘Parikini’ which was an anthology of poems. The poem is an apt description of Savitri and her glory during her days. While the poem was striking, Tanikella Bharani gave a footnote to this poem.

He recalled an instance when he had an opportunity to bump across her at Madras Railway Station. Just those three lines will reveal how a superstar ended up becoming an ordinary lady. Keeping the tragedy part aside, Savitri’s life offers a lot to learn and the emotional journey is beyond words. For now, enjoy this poem.


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