Wonderful Title For Varun Tej

By - May 15, 2018 - 11:02 AM IST

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The three most important Ts for a movie’s success is teaser, trailer and title. Among them, the Title plays a very important role because it sets the first connection between the film and the public. If this creates a positive vibe, the attention and interest gets generated and eventually this converts into some good openings on the release day.

Hence, the makers do a lot of brainstorming before they coin a title. This time, mega prince Varun Tej seems to have struck a jackpot in terms of title for his new movie. Well, it is known that his next is going to be with the talented director Sankalp Reddy of ‘Ghazi Attack’ fame. This is touted to be a complete space thriller.

Akin to that, the makers are now looking at naming the movie as ‘Vyomagami’ which means astronaut in English. Those who heard this are saying it is a wonderful title and nothing can be better than this. For now, the official announcement is yet to come but speculations on this title are already viral. Let us see what happens.

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