Popularity With Sex Talk

By - May 16, 2018 - 04:04 PM IST

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‘Sex Sells!’ this is one phrase which is quite popular across the globe and as much as we prefer not to discuss it in a group, this is one thing which is the most favorite topic. Certain members of the entertainment industry are quite aware of that and they use it to their advantage. Point is, speaking about sex earns popularity.

There is one set of people who use ‘casting couch’ to gain their share of publicity while few others take a step ahead and talk about sex and their bold openness. The name Yaashika Anand will not ring a bell but right now she has become a noted name in the web world. Apparently, Yaashika acted in a Tamil adult movie recently.

While the boldness quotient in the film is fetching good numbers at the box office, Yaashika upped the impact by coming up with statements on virginity and how girls should also have sex before marriage. Well, nobody knew this girl but thanks to her sex talk some spotlight has come. What they fail to understand is, this type of popularity always comes with a strong negative flavor.

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