Officer Script Copied, Writer Leaks The Whole Script

By - May 18, 2018 - 11:37 AM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma who has desperately failed in movie making in the recent times, to be in a murky issue once again. After a series of controversies, Ram Gopal Varma seems to be calm as his movie Officer is prepping up for its release soon. King Nagarjuna as the hero, the movie was expected to be a good one like Shiva.

But, it seems impossible for Officer to create even the smallest impact. First of all, the teaser and trailer of Officer utterly failed to grab the interest of folks. Secondly, a writer named Jaya Kumar came up with a claim that Ram Gopal Varma has stolen his script.

P Jaya Kumar the young writer who was associated with Ram Gopal Varma for Sarkar claims that 'OFFICER' script has been stolen by RGV from him. Jaya Kumar had fought a war against RGV earlier regarding God, Sex, and Truth too. Also, the teaser of GST was taken down on YouTube for the infringement of the rights with the claims of Jaya Kumar.

Jaya Kumar who seems to have tried his best to reach Nagarjuna has now posted a script which he claims as the script of the movie OFFICER which is yet to be released. Must see how Nagarjuna will react on this issue now.  Must see how he will face this now!!   Meanwhile, check out the script posted by Jaya Kumar CLICK HERE.

On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma shared his version by posting his inspiration behind OFFICER.  "A photo of Mr.K M Prasanna on whom @iamnagarjuna ‘s character is based upon in #Officer ..He’s presently the Additional commissioner of Police ,Crime Branch,Mumbai", RGV tweeted. Seems like this is an indirect answer to the writer. 

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