Old Incident About Gemini Ganesan And Rekha

By - May 18, 2018 - 11:49 AM IST

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As much as he is famous as a star hero in the Kollywood circuit, Gemini Ganesan was also famous for his ways with women. His personal life was filled with quite a few marriages and one among them was with the legendary actress Savitri. In this process, an old incident has come to light and this is raising a lot of interest.

Apparently, the Telugu Film Industry has a noted personality named Musicologist Raja. He is a storehouse of knowledge on Telugu cinema and especially songs. Raja has researched a lot on the life of Savitri and he revealed something. It is heard that Gemini Ganesan knew his relationship with actress Pushpavalli bore him a daughter but he didn’t meet her till she grew up. Suddenly, one day he saw her somewhere.

The girl’s beauty caught his attention and it seems Gemini Ganesan said ‘She looks good, call her’. Once the girl came close to him, that’s when he discovered she is his daughter. And the daughter in discussion is none other than the ageless diva Rekha. While it is not known how the relation between Rekha and Gemini was, this incident is rather intriguing.


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