Top Actress Into Drug Mafia

By - May 18, 2018 - 04:01 PM IST

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The moment you hear the phrase drug mafia your mind will immediately roll back to the time when the Enforcement Directorate pulled up many Tollywood celebrities. Some big names were interrogated with allegations of drug usage and drug peddling. While nothing concrete came out of it thanks to some political intervention, the impact remains strong.

Now, reading the headline that a top actress is into drug mafia might give you goosebumps but allow us to give you the details. We are talking about the gracious beauty Nayanthara and it is heard that she is into drug mafia albeit onscreen. Yes, Nayan’s new project in Tamil has been titled as ‘Kolamaavu Kokila’ alias COCO.

She is essaying the role of a middle-class girl who gets into drug peddling due to various situations and it is heard that Nayan was so impressed with the storyline that she okayed it in just one sitting. The film is being helmed by Nelson Dileep and it remains to be seen whether it would be released in Telugu as well.

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