Secret Behind Uday Kiran Biopic's Halt

By - May 19, 2018 - 05:00 PM IST

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Just when a sensation was bound to occur it has been trampled and crushed to the underground never to resurface. We are talking about the biopic of the ultimate star Uday Kiran. It was announced that the talented director Teja is going to be helming the project and even the title was announced as ‘Kaaboye Alludu’.

However, even before the impact of this project can really takeoff that it has crash landed. Suddenly Teja has come into the open and said it is all rumor and it is a baseless gossip. Many in Filmnagar are saying it is not so. Apparently, the thought of coming up with a biopic was indeed on the cards and preparations were being made.

But then, some heavyweights have reportedly called Teja and told him not to venture into any such thing listing out the various after effects. Hence, it is heard that he switched the sides and said it is just a rumour. Given the fact that even the cat-eyed talented hero Navadeep was also confirmed to step into Uday’s shoes, everything halting suddenly raises eyebrows.


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