'Mahanati' Man Shapes Rangammatta!

By - May 23, 2018 - 09:00 AM IST

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The summer season is coming to an end and two films which really created an impact were ‘Rangasthalam’ and ‘Mahanati’. In that, the seductively tempting Anasuya Bharadwaj’s role as Rangammatta in ‘Rangasthalam’ was a highlight. So, you might be wondering what is her link with ‘Mahanati’ but here are the details for you.

The name Anish Penti may not ring a bell but he happens to be a highly talented artist who has worked in the print media before entering into Tollywood. He worked as an art director for ‘Mahanati’ and his skill with paintings spread to many. One among them happened to be Vaishnavi Kasba, sister of Anasuya.

She approached Anish and asked him to come up with a painting of Anasuya which can be gifted as a birthday special. Anish agreed and came up with a painting of Anasuya in Rangammatta’s getup. From her end, Anasuya was floored by the painting because it looked very real. Well, Anish would certainly become famous now.

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