Nela Ticket: Promotions Like Never Before

By - May 23, 2018 - 11:56 AM IST

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The current situation in the film industry is that any small-big movie needs proper promotions to survive. There are some mediocre movies which got a decent hit only because of heavy promotions. So, the movie makers are leaving no stone unturned to promote their movies.

Catch up with this different kind of promotions of the makers of Nela Ticket. Mass Maharaja and Malavika Sharma starrer Nela Ticket is all set for its release on 25th ie this Friday. So, the makers have adopted a very different way to promote this movie.

Director Kalyan Krishna and heroine Malavika Sharma will sell tickets, which will indeed grab the attention of all. Kalyan Krishna and Malavika are to sell the tickets at the Sandhya theater, Hyderabad and promote the movie. Wow! The creativity..

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