Release Headaches for Naa Nuvve!

By - May 24, 2018 - 07:46 AM IST

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When you are going through a series of flops as a hero and then you do a very good film which makes you believe you can bounce back, you must ensure the positioning of this film happens rightly. However, the quantity of films being made in the Telugu Film Industry has led to a situation of multiple releases every Friday.

Akin to that, one movie has been dangling in mid air unable to place itself in a safe zone. We are talking about the film ‘Naa Nuvve’ featuring the handsome Nandamuri Kalyanram and the milky white beauty Tamannaah. Touted to be a urban love entertainer helmed by Jayendra, the film has created a good positive hype.

However, it has been noticed that the release date had to be postponed twice for the movie. Sources say the team is unable to find the right slot such that the film gets its due from the audience and doesn’t get mingled among a flurry of releases. Well, only time will reveal when the team is going to get lucky then.

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