Nagarjuna Has A Point For Babu Gogineni

By - May 24, 2018 - 08:06 AM IST

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One of the main reasons why Babu Gogineni is remembered and watched is due to his firm belief that there is no such thing as God, astrology or any other form of unconventional beliefs. He has constantly waged debates against astrologists, numerologists and tried to prove them wrong. But now, one senior hero may have sparked an interesting issue.

He is none other than King Akkineni Nagarjuna and yesterday he came up with a post which goes like this -

I sometimes wonder if it is a coincidence or the universe likes numbers. My father’s LAST film #manam & my FIRST film Vikram released on the same date May23, of course we didn’t plan.. it just happened!! Reverse 23 and that becomes 32! My age as an actor. Thanks for all the love?.

As such, Babu Gogineni keeps condemning the authenticity of numerology and calls it trash. However, with the above post created by Nag, some are saying the numerologists can take a lead and question Babu Gogineni on his reactions to this. It would be interesting to see what Babu will say about this then.

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