Prabhas Makes An Interesting Revelation

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It is not often that you get to see young rebel star Prabhas giving out statements about his film or doing some typical marketing. His work speaks for itself and after the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas has become more sober and grounded. Given that, recently he came up with a revelation which has sparked a lot of interest.

Well, Prabhas was sharing his thoughts with the media when he spoke about his new project with director Radhakrishna Kumar. This is touted to be a complete romantic syrup and Prabhas reportedly mentioned more than the hero or anybody else, it is the story which is the main hero in this movie.

We tend to speak a lot about how it is the hero who shoulders the entire film and gives it a good run at the box office but this statement from Prabhas has given a new perspective. Of course, there are those who are saying this is just another classic example of how Prabhas has no airs of a star hero and gives total credit to other aspects.

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