Director Created Gossip And Rubbished?

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You tend to see few film celebrities reacting to gossips and rumours in a very personal way and some of them took a step ahead and went through the legal route as well. While that is one side, there is also another side. There are those film personalities who deliberately focus on cooking up some gossips albeit on themselves.

While they do it for garnering some publicity, there are those who use such gossips to send a message to their target individual or groups. An interesting grapevine is currently making rounds and this has to do with director Teja and his talk about the biopic on Ultimate Star Uday Kiran which was announced and then cancelled.

Many believed it happened naturally but another version has come up. Rumour mills are abuzz that Teja only created the gossip that he is planning for a biopic on Uday Kiran and then he condemned it. In this process, he hinted he likes mega heroes and those who read between the lines are saying Teja wants to get close to them hence this whole exercise. Only he knows the truth.


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