Sri Reddy Effect On Her?

By - May 27, 2018 - 02:21 PM IST

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Just about a month ago the only name which was heard and discussed everywhere was that of Sri Reddy. The way she dragged the entire Telugu Film Industry’s image on the road in the name of ‘casting couch’ and discrimination against Telugu actresses created quite a havoc. Of course, a major role was played by the electronic media in this.

Anyhow, during that heat, many other Junior artists and small time actresses took Sri Reddy as an inspiration and began targeting directors, actors and producers in a big way. Cut to the present, all of them have become silent but some say one actress seems to have decided to follow that path taken by Sri Reddy.

She is none other than Poonam Kaur. Since the past few weeks, she has been coming up with tweets which lacked clarity as to who she is targeting. She also gave an interview which only added to the confusion. Now, Poonam has again started coming up with few tweets which seem to be targeting a star director. Only time will reveal where this will lead to.

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