'Kaala' Is Also A Biopic

By - May 28, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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There is a lot of excitement and anticipation over the movie ‘Kaala’ featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth because many hardcore fans of the superstar want this to be a bumper blockbuster. Rajini is essaying the role of a mafia don in Mumbai with a slum background. The film has been helmed by P A Ranjith.

Now, an interesting observation has come to the forum. There is a talk that ‘Kaala’ is actually a biopic on the early day gangster Haji Mastan. Incidentally, Haji was called as ‘Kaala’ by the underworld during his initial days. Going back to Haji’s background, he came from the south and migrated to Dharavi in Mumbai.

He was deeply attached with his family and eventually those around in his neighbourhood. Eventually, he started going against the law for his people and was one of the pioneers in the Mumbai mafia. If all these points are shown in ‘Kaala’ the observation would be right. Anyhow, as long as the film is engaging it doesn’t matter whether it is fiction or biopic.

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