Rotation Chakravarthys In Tollywood

By - May 28, 2018 - 02:16 PM IST

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The term rotation Chakravarthy is familiar to many but to those who are not aware, this title is given to those individuals who don’t have a penny in their pocket but they keep leading their life by taking loan from one and repaying another. That way, this person keeps circulating others money and survives.

The Telugu Film Industry is one place where many such rotation Chakravarthys are there. The requirement for becoming a rotation Chakravarthy is, if they have 10 bigshot friends, they can take movies and keep rotating the funds. Of course, the relations should be maintained well and they should keep trying to make friendship with new crorepatis.

With that sincerity of paying on time, the trust element remains and money will keep coming. In the process, these Chakravarthys can take care of their lifestyles as well. The Telugu Film Industry has few producers who have this art and they are surviving decently. Looking at them, few others are also learning this craft.

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