Ram Charan Had To Face Embarrassment

By - May 28, 2018 - 10:30 AM IST

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Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej has gained more number of followers post-blockbuster hit Rangasthalam. Ram Charan seems to be grabbing all the attention from the critics and other people recently.

Not just on the screen, but Ram Charan has been praised for his off-screen attitude recently. Ram Charan was a little temperamental person a few years ago. But, his recent speeches or media interactions prove that he has been a very sensible and down to earth person.

In one of the recent media interactions, Ram Charan had to face an embarrassing question. However, Ram Charan dealt it with utmost maturity. During a brisk interactive session, a female anchor asked Ram Charan like this:
Reporter: Sir, your wife Upasana has transformed very beautifully. She looks very beautiful recently. How do you feel about the change?
Ram Charan: Well, it is a great thing that she has inspired me. But, you are saying she looks beautiful now. For me, she looks beautiful always!!

Any others would have been in Ram Charan's place, maybe the reaction would have been different. This way, Ram Charan proves he's a real matured person. 

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