'Officer' Censor Report Leaked

By - May 30, 2018 - 07:52 AM IST

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There are many speculations and inside news that keep coming out for various movies but the closest and most reliable often comes from the censor board. The reason being, they watch the final cut of the movie and decide the censor certificate. Normally, the censor board members are often asked about the censor report.

This time, it is the turn of the movie ‘Officer’ featuring King Akkineni Nagarjuna. As per the censor members, the interval bang and climax is very good. However, it is heard that the distributors, exhibitors are still not convinced. Apparently, the censor board members came out and said they really liked the way the film engaged them.

Buzz is that one distributor was near the censor board office premises and took the report firsthand. Still, some doubts are there in few minds. As such, advances should come from exhibitors but they didn’t come so the makers are certain that once some positive talk comes the payments will get released.


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