No More Tollywood For Her?

By - June 03, 2018 - 04:26 PM IST

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The Telugu Film Industry has always been the chosen haven for non local beauties and many have become the queens of the industry. Some of them also settled here and adopted Hyderabad as their home. Having said that, there are also those actresses who have a very lesser impression about South and they use it only for their money and growth unmindful of the life this industry is giving them.

There have been instances where few starlets came from Mumbai, worked here and earned reputation and returned back to Mumbai to score at Bollywood. The hot Malayalam beauty Asin was one such person and eventually she settled in Mumbai marrying a business tycoon. The sexy hip beauty Ileana also shifted to Bollywood.

Now, another name seems to join this club. It is none other than the milky thigh beauty Taapsee. While she made her debut in Telugu and became a well known actress, Taapsee seems to be quite keen only in Hindi projects and she has been bagging a few juicy roles. After her last stint in Telugu- ‘Anando Brahma’, she signed only one film opposite to Aadhi Pinisetty and there is no other projects.


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