Producers Spending Rs 1 Per View

By - June 13, 2018 - 11:30 AM IST

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Though it sounds a bit taxing the reality is that, the job of a producer is to spend and this is for the mere objective of publicity and promotion of his movie. Though he is the man who is putting the money, there are many instances where he has no choice but to oblige the director and the hero because one tantrum from them can lead to losses.

Now, an inside scoop has come regarding the phenomenal views you come across in the YouTube channel for the motion poster, teaser and trailer. While the makers keep promoting it as the patronage of the cine buffs, here is the actual truth. All these views actually come at a cost and it has to be borne by the producers.

It is heard that the charges are 1 rupee per view and hence for 10 lakhs and 20 lakhs views they have to spend accordingly. It is heard that even the heroes are insisting to take this route to get that required publicity. Last but not the least, they are getting paid views but how much of them are getting paid from the box office is doubtful.

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