80 Year Old Actor On Road

By - June 16, 2018 - 06:30 PM IST

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We normally use the phrase ‘on road’ to describe someone who was rich at one point in time but now he/she has become a pauper. But this time, one veteran actor has literally taken to the road and slept on it albeit for a very different purpose. We are talking about the actor/politician/real estate magnate Murali Mohan.

In case you are not aware, Murali Mohan is 79 years old and soon he would be touching 80. Despite his age and profile, he has protested against the BJP government and has slept on the road with his other political colleagues. This is perhaps the first time Murali Mohan is seen doing something like this because normally he carries himself very elegantly.

Those who have seen this are surprised for two reasons, how come Murali Mohan at that age can resort to such physically daunting tasks. Secondly, how come he did it now because he is part of the Telugu Desam Party since long but was never seen indulging in such acts. All in all, it was a different feeling watching this 80 year old on the road.

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