Rude Shock For Heroes And Heroines

By - June 16, 2018 - 05:39 PM IST

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From the time cinema has stepped into India, the heroes and heroines are treated as no less than demigods and worshipped. While the artists also carry themselves with the required integrity and earn that regard and adulation, there are those instances wherein some of them end up setting bad examples and think they can get away with it.

Times have changed and external parties are not hesitating to take the heroes and heroines to task if they act funny. Right now, the creamy layer of Bollywood is in rude shock thanks to one legal issue which has caught them. A famous entity named Vibrant Media based in the US has filed a case against the big names of Bollywood.

The list includes mighty heart Salman Khan, multi-talented Prabhu Deva, the angel of beauty Katrina Kaif, Mr Adrenalin Ranveer Singh and others. Apparently, they committed to be part of a show few years back, took the advance and never came. As a result, Vibrant has issued legal summons to everyone. Let us see how the stars handle this.

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