Sri Reddy Silent On Nani's Class

By - June 18, 2018 - 08:33 AM IST

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From the time Sri Reddy launched an offensive against the Telugu Film Industry and personally attacked few heroes, not much resistance was noticed. However, it appears Natural Star Nani is one person who is not going to take things lying low. He has already issued legal summons to her and now he seems to have given another class.

As the host of the reality show Bigg Boss 2, Nani took a class of sorts indirectly while speaking about the contestant Deepthi Sunaina. He reportedly said “Deepthi is about 20 years but just through internet she did dance videos and dub smash and she came to Bigg Boss.”

He added “She is not like others entering into personal lives, disturbing them, grabbing popularity and publicity, hurting others through sadism. She can be taken as an inspiration and role model.” Throughout his speech, he didn’t take her name but all knew he was pointing at Sri Reddy. Interestingly, Sri Reddy also reacts to everything but this time she is silent.

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