Popularity Is A Sin

By - June 19, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Most of you might fancy the idea of becoming a film celebrity because that brings a lot of popularity, good quantity of admirers, loads of money and the privilege that others don’t get in the society. While this is true, the profession comes with a share of baggage which sometimes overrides these advantages.

The first and foremost is, there is no more privacy to your life and you become a public product. While you can no longer take a stroll freely on the roads, your every movement is tracked and various interpretations come out of it. Unfortunately, these days a lot of focus is on sensationalism and with social media becoming strong, the penchant is more towards projecting something negative.

Recently the svelte beauty Shilpa Shetty was spotted coming out of a diagnostic centre with lab reports in her hand. Within no time, this news spread like wildfire that she came out and what could be the purpose of her visit. The paparazzi used its best creativity to come up with various versions and it only goes to show how popularity is a sin.

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