Which Way To Go Kalyan?

By - June 19, 2018 - 04:05 PM IST

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Perhaps the biggest challenge and misery for any actor is being unable to fathom why his movies are not working despite roping in the best and trying to do variety scripts. The handsome hero Nandamuri Kalyanram comes with a good family legacy and the fact that he is the brother of young tiger Jr NTR adds to the aura.

Kalyanram is not just someone good to look at but he performs well. Despite having all the credentials, his films are not working at the box office. His last hit was ‘Pataas’ and since then he has been reeling under flops including the latest ‘Naa Nuvve’. With this, many are wondering which way should Kalyanram go to bounce back.

Well, what this deserving hero needs is a script with good content and a filmmaker who can show his strengths in front of the camera properly. Also, Kalyanram needs to take a suggestion or second opinion from someone who understands the ground level audience pulse before signing a film. This sort of homework is certainly going to bring positive results for him.

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