Pawan Fans Bid Adieu To 'Vadina'?

By - June 25, 2018 - 08:44 AM IST

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The dedication and unconditional love fans have towards power star Pawan Kalyan cannot be explained with any rationale or logic. This is a very strong and powerful emotion attached to Pawan and owing to that, actress Renu Desai held a very special place in the hearts of Pawan fans as they considered her their ‘Vadina’.

Times changed and both Pawan and Renu went their separate ways, yet, the fans have always given that due respect and regard to her. However, the time has come for them to bid adieu to her. Well, reports are arriving that Renu Desai has got engaged to someone and the details of the man are being kept under tight wraps.

This would also bounce the question of where will Akira Nanda, son of Pawan, will stay once Renu gets married. Keeping that aspect aside, one thing is clear. From now on, whatever posts Renu will come up with on her social media will be met with half or less than that response. This could well be the last straw of relation between her and Pawan fans.

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