Mehreen's Wierd Situation, Fans Come In Rescue

By - June 26, 2018 - 03:51 PM IST

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Actress Mehreen Pirzada who got back-to-back hits seems to have lowered her speed a bit. This beautiful lady has been promoting her upcoming movie titled Pantham, in which Gopi Chand is the hero.

Mehreen Pirzada is to star opposite Vijay Deverakonda in his upcoming movie NOTA. recently, Mehreen had to attend the audio launch of Pantham at Vijayawada, after which she had to return to Chennai for the next day’s shoot of NOTA.

Mehreen had to choose train because the trains were unavailable. When arrived at the station, Mehreen noticed that the seats reserved for her were occupied by the other people, and they even appeared to be drunk.

Mehreen became tensed at this point in time. Mehreen reportedly called Pantham director Chakravarthy explaining the situation, after which he sent some of her fans to see if everything was fine. The fans took Mehreen by road and escorted her till Chennai all the way. 

Isn't it a very kind gesture by them!?

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