Shocking Revelation From Chay!

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Going by the industry talk and the impression it is giving, the film ‘Savyasachi’ is going to be the game changer for Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chaitanya. Even he seems to be aware of that and hence he is moving heaven and earth to ensure he gives his everything for the best output. Now, Chay is reportedly attempting something for the first time.

As per unit members, there are reports Chay is going to reveal himself in bare chest onscreen. This would only mean he would need a set of ripped muscles, V-shaped chest and that macho attitude on his face. The fact that Chay who is normally considered to be a private and shy person is doing this does come as a shock to many.

‘Savyasachi’ is helmed by Chandoo Mondeti of ‘Premam’ fame and it has the striking Bollywood beauty Nidhi Aggarwal as the leading lady. The film also brings back the chocolate hunk Madhavan into the Telugu circuit after a long hiatus. Overall, it would be a very interesting to see Chay going bare chested and what impact he would give.

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