Shocking: Reality Show & Real Incidents Behind..

By - July 01, 2018 - 12:33 PM IST

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One of the biggest reality shows is being a center for controversies. The show has become a center for the people who are in dire need of identification. The latest season of the show has become more famous with ongoing controversies. One of the eliminated members is throwing tantrums at the host, while the other person is involved in a murky issue.

One of the persons who got recently eliminated has become one of the controversial members of the reality show. The person is no celebrity. Even without proper background, the person got into the show. From the very beginning, there was a question of how he got into the show. But, the latest revelation has become a shock to all.

This ex-contestant from the reality show had reportedly given a huge amount as much as 15 Lakhs to enter into the show. The person who helped the ex-member to get into the show, spent only 10 Lakhs to get him selected to perform in the show and took the rest of the amount for himself. After getting eliminated, the ex-contestant became furious as he could not even stay in the show for more than two weeks. He came to know that the person had cheated him by taking a huge part of the money for himself. So, there is a big clash happening between both.

Must wait and see what happens further.

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