Tanish and Amit On a Mission: Bigg Boss-2

By - July 03, 2018 - 04:09 PM IST

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After the eviction of Kireeti Damaraju, the Bigg Boss has given a secret task to Tanish and Amit. Tanish and Amit who were on a mission were treated with some cookies to perform the task. Meanwhile, Tejaswi shares her story with Babu Gogineni and clarifies that she did like Samrat, but not as much as a love-relationship. 

Tanish and Amit were called into the Bigg Boss room and were offered some yummy candies. The duo was asked to make the housemates believe that they both knew about what gossips each one is spreading on each other.

Amit and Tanish walked out of the room like nothing happened and started playing the game. Tejaswi who was upset over the rumors being spread regarding her relationship with Samrat got a little emotional. She even clarified that they both were just friends and nothing more.


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