Nani- Sri Reddy Legal Case Latest Updates!

By - July 03, 2018 - 05:47 PM IST

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Natural star Nani had initiated legal proceedings against Sri Reddy for alleging sexual exploitation earlier. Nani who took Sri Reddy's allegations seriously wrote a short note on his Twitter after filing a legal case on her.

Even Nani's wife came to his rescue by calling Sri Reddy a mere attention seeker who is trying to grab attention using her husband's name. Nani's PR managers also released the legal notice draft. The social media was flooded with the discussions regarding this, and Nani announced that he would not comment on the issue further. 

There are no reports of any action taken against Sri Reddy. Are the proceedings on the legal case being implemented? No one knows of any action or legal proceedings taken against Sri Reddy. There are doubts if the matter is being diluted. Nani is currently hosting the reality show Bigg Boss. Sources reveal that Nani doesn't want to get diverted and hence is minding his business as of now.

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