Bigg Boss Update: Kaushal Takes Up The Captaincy..

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The love pairs in the Bigg Boss won the task against the wardens in yesterday's episode. The winners are Samrat and Tejaswi, Kaushal and Deepti. The four contestants were declared as the winners, who would compete for the captaincy task.

The captaincy task was completed, but the members picked up a fight. Samrat and Roll Rida fought with each other, ignoring the task completely. Kaushal was declared as the winner of the task, after a little argument amongst the members.

Kaushal took up the captaincy for the coming week. The members are advised to begin their day and maintain punctuality in the Bigg Boss House, by the new captain Kaushal. The nominated members are worried about the upcoming eliminations. Waiting for Nani's weekend episodes.

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