Syamala Gone: Bigg Boss Weekend Eliminations

By - July 09, 2018 - 10:26 AM IST

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Yesterday's Bigg Boss elimination task had shown the exit way to anchor Syamala. Nani as the host, Bigg Boss show has gained so much popularity among the Telugu audience. As Kireeti was eliminated in last week's vote out, this week had a tough competition. Nandini Rai, Deepti, and Syamala went into the elimination round in yesterday's nominations.

Tejaswi and Kaushal had to use their special powers and save one contestant each. As Nandini and Deepti were saved by using their special powers, Syamala got eliminated. Most of the Bigg Boss house members got very emotional on Syamala's eviction. Bigg Boss house is left with 13 contestants now.

Syamala, on the other hand, takes the elimination very sportively. She thanks everyone in the Bigg Boss house for the constant support. Though she appeared sad, she was partially happy that she could go home after 25 days. 

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