Big Hero From Muscles To Beard

By - July 11, 2018 - 06:49 PM IST

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As a star hero your frequency of doing movies is quite less. At the most, you might do just one movie per year and hence you want to give your best not just in terms of content but also in terms of your look and personality. Since the last few years, star heroes have been going through a makeover whenever they are doing a film.

While this has to do with their fashion statement and looks, there is one star hero who decides to go deep into the skin of the character and become that person. That is why he is called as Mr Perfectionist. We are talking about Aamir Khan and the Bollywood star hero is now moving from brawny muscles to a very long beard.

It is known that Aamir built huge muscles for his movie ‘Dangal’ and now he is going to grow a long beard for his next project which is the biopic on the radical guru Osho. It is known that Aamir won’t use wigs because he wants to do everything realistically. So, if he has to grow that kind of beard it will take at least two years. Let us see what happens.

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