Suresh Babu On New White Revolution

By - July 13, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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Just recently we had reported on how the shrewd businessman Daggubati Suresh Babu has started off a new business venture, milk. It is heard that he has begun selling organic milk at an exorbitant rate of Rs 170 per liter. While everyone is rolling their eyes over the price, buzz is that Suresh Babu is making loads of money as he has takers.

Now, it has gone a step further and thanks to his Breeding cows and selling organic milk, many farmers are reportedly willing to have a tie up with Suresh Babu. Sources reveal they want to give their cows to Suresh Babu for breeding and Dairy farming. In return, Suresh Babu can give royalty to farmers.

That way, he seems to have started a new white revolution. It can become a big business in the Telugu states because many are there to eat organic food and follow the organic diet. No matter what the cost this is a huge market and most importantly, our folks are willing to shell out a premium for that extra good health.

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