Director's Relation With Prabhas

By - July 14, 2018 - 10:09 AM IST

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If anybody observes this guy closely, one would say he resembles actor Prabhas. He is the director who debuted with his film RX100 that is making its noise at the box office now.

Inside sources say that he has some relation with Prabhas and both hail from same community in Godavari district. Industry reports say that even actress Kajal had once pointed out that he looks like Prabhas when he worked for the film Veera of Raviteja as Associate Director.

Unofficial sources say that he also has a script for Prabhas which is completely out of the box that holds no resemblance with any of his previous films. We are yet to know what is it all about.

How it sounds if the high intense actor Prabhas joins with high intense director Ajay Bhupathi!? We may expect something very sensational. Way to go Ajay!

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