RX 100 Day 2 Collections Surprise All..

By - July 14, 2018 - 01:10 PM IST

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The movie RX 100 has got a huge craze across the Telugu states. Despite being it a small movie, RX 100 maintained to grab a huge pre-release craze. After the movie hit the screens, it managed to get colossal collections.

The film RX 100 earned a total share of 1.08 crores on day two, which is huge. The total collections of RX 100 is 2.5 crore for two days. The budget invested on the movie is not more than 2 crores. So, it seems to have crossed the profit range already.

Ajay Bhupathi directed this film which is a very unconventional love story starring Karthikeya as the hero. The movie collecting so much has left everyone surprised, as it was not expected at all.

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