Tejaswi Madivada's Arrogance Might Cause Loss To Her

By - July 16, 2018 - 04:47 PM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has got a huge craze, with the ongoing drama in the house. Nani as the host, the show is being aired on Star Maa. The contestants in the Bigg Boss House have formed their own images now. With Kaushal, Geeta Madhuri, and Babu Gogineni gaining more popularity, there are some members who have got negativity.

Tejaswi and Bhanu Sree tried to portray Kaushal as a molester. In the recent task, in an attempt to get earn points and help their individual team win the task, the teammates from Bigg Boss House got into a petty fight. It turned out to be more violent after Tejaswi intervened and created a ruckus over.

Tejaswi has been dominating the other team members and trying to gain command over all of them. Her arrogance has been annoying to some of the house members as well as the audience now. Despite Nani's warnings, Tejaswi seems to have not changed her arrogant attitude at all. This is not helping her anymore. The majority of the audience is ready to vote out Tejaswi as soon as possible.

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