Anchor Pradeep Imprisoned

By - July 21, 2018 - 02:02 PM IST

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He is the topmost darling of the home audience and he has a strong rapport with all the biggies of the Telugu Film Industry. He is none other than Pradeep Machiraju popularly known as anchor Pradeep. The kind of following he has among the small screen viewers is phenomenal and now it is heard that this young man has gone behind the bars.

Before you start panicking here are the details. Pradeep has entered the ‘Bigg Boss 2’ show as a wild card entry and the moment he arrived, he was put in jail by the inmates of the house. Of course, this just happened for some time but this reminded many of an incident. Few months ago, Pradeep was caught for drunken driving.

He was able to escape imprisonment by attending class given by the traffic authorities. Coming back to ‘Bigg Boss 2’, the entry of Pradeep has changed the vibe completely and he has been upping the atmosphere with his wit and humour. All in all, it was a dramatic start for Pradeep inside the house with a phase of imprisonment.

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