Pawan Kalyan questions TDP

By - July 21, 2018 - 01:13 PM IST

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Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan who established the Janasena party is being active in politics lately. Prepping up for the coming elections, Janasena is trying to build its own stand unlike the previous elections, in which the party supported TDP and BJP.

Pawan Kalyan took to his Twitter to slam the Telugu Desam Party for diverting the Special Category Status to AP. Pawan Kalyan attacked the Telugu Desam Party MP's for their irresponsible behavior and their cunning tactics. TDP had started the 'No Confidence' motion in the monsoon session of the Parliament. The party MP's started the blame game that BJP had failed to fulfill the promises.

Pawan Kalyan wrote, “The Telugu Desam Party (TDP)’s argument was very weak and feeble in the parliament. I feel that they lacked the necessary moral fibre to take Special Category Status demand forward as they had opposed and diluted the fight for SCS by accepting the special package. At every stage, TDP had compromised with BJP leadership on SCS. Now what they are doing now, is eyewash and political theatrics for public consumption.”

He also added that the party was involved in criticism when he stressed over the Special Category Status. He questioned the TDP how would people believe them if they keep changing the stances every now and then.

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